Conditions Treated

Learn About the Conditions Treated at Dallas Highway Animal Hospital in Powder Springs, GA

At Dallas Highway Animal Hospital, we love seeing our animal patients feeling healthy and happy! That's why we're committed to utilizing the most advanced and best-practice techniques and technologies to help us diagnose, treat, manage, and/or cure common pet conditions. Our veterinarian team, led by Dr. Justin Toth, Dr. Alice George and Dr. Laura Roberts, helps cats and dogs who are dealing with a variety of conditions, including the ones listed below.


Pet Oncology and Orthopedic Issues

We offer surgical services, on-site X-ray imaging and ultrasound, and other therapies to help manage dog and cat health conditions such as cancer, hip dysplasia, and soft tissue injuries like cruciate repairs. To maximize convenience and quality, we also provide on-site laboratory work for all your pet's pre- and post-operative needs.

Pet Dental Disease

Did you realize that a healthy mouth can extend your pet's life by as much as three to five years? Our Powder Springs vet team also provides essential dental health care, including cleaning and surgery, to keep your pet's teeth and gums in top shape. Common pet dental conditions we manage include periodontal disease (gum infection), jaw malocclusions, plaque and tartar, and infected, missing, or broken teeth. 

Pet Allergy

It's not always easy to tell if your pet has an allergy. Telltale signs include red and irritated skin and frequent itching or licking at the nose, ears, or paws. We offer thorough diagnostic services to help identify what's causing your pet's allergy—from food to dust mites to environmental allergens—and work with you to find a solution for symptom relief.

Pet Parasites (Heartworm, Fleas, Mites, Ringworm, etc.)

Prevention is best! That's why you should give your pet parasite prevention medication all year and on time. If your cat or dog does contract a parasite, such as heartworm, tapeworm, or ringworm, we can issue medications, ointments, or even surgical services to promote recovery.

Diabetes, Obesity, and Other Chronic Diseases

Pets are living longer than ever, partly due to wonderful advances in veterinary medicine. However, as our pets get older they become more at risk for developing chronic illness. Our Powder Springs vet staff diagnoses and treat many common health conditions faced by older or ailing animals, including diabetes, obesity, hyperthyroidism, and arthritis. 

Who Can I Turn to For a Veterinarian Near Me?

If you've thought recently, "I need a veterinarian near me," we'd be honored to get to know you and your beloved animals. Our compassionate team is proud to showcase the type of veterinarian Powder Springs GA has to offer. Call Dallas Highway Animal Hospital at (770) 419-8086 to schedule a pet wellness exam.