Pet Allergies

You know that humans can get allergies, but did you know that your pet can as well? Pet allergies can happen in cats and dogs, and it isn't always easy to determine what the allergen actually is. Pets may develop allergies to things they touch, things they eat, and things that are simply in the air. There are many things that can trigger allergic reactions, and there are a number of reactions that they might have to the allergen. When a pet has allergies, they can get very sick and uncomfortable. This can lower their enjoyment of life and cause them to miss out on things they want to do. To get pet care for a pet with allergies, call our veterinary hospital in Powder Springs, GA. A veterinarian at our animal hospital can help with the allergies and get your pet feeling much better. Seeing a “vet near me” for this pet care can make a big difference in your pet's quality of life. We at Dallas Highway Animal Hospital are here to help.

Pet Allergies

Allergens and Your Pets

An allergen is a substance that causes allergic reactions. These are usually proteins that have this effect on animals. Pets have types of cells that can be found in the respiratory tract, the skin, and the gastrointestinal system. When an allergen comes into contact with your pet, these cells are what will react to it. They push the pet's body to release inflammatory substances into the body. These are often chemicals known as histamines that create allergic reactions. The exact reaction will depend on the specific pet and the type of allergen he came into contact with. The reaction that the pet has may happen right away, or it could manifest later. 

Figuring Out the Allergen

A “vet near me” may be able to figure out what the allergen is, but this isn't always possible. If it was something like a pollen in the air, it can be difficult to pinpoint. Part of your pet's pet care is to have you try to figure out the specific allergen so that he can avoid it. This may be something like using a new detergent or something like trying a new food your pet has never had before to see if the reaction stays or goes away. Some pets might develop a plant allergy to grass or weeds and develop rashes and other reactions. If your pet is bitten by a flea, this can cause many different allergic reactions as well. 

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To help your pet with allergies, visit our animal hospital for care from a veterinarian on our veterinary team. You can call our veterinary hospital in Powder Springs, GA, today to make an appointment for your pet to be seen for his allergies. Call us at (770) 419-8086 for more information. We at Dallas Highway Animal Hospital are here to help.