Pet Dental and Oral Surgery

Humans brush their teeth every day. Can you imagine what would happen to a pet without proper dental care? The direct answer is a dental illness such as periodontal disease, which is quite common in dogs. Dallas Highway Animal Hospital in Powder Springs, GA, is equipped with the right equipment and experienced veterinarians to offer quality dental and oral surgeries to animals.

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Pet Dental and Oral Surgery for Dental Diseases and Defects

Lack of proper dental care eventually leads to dental disease, which is a condition that affects the mouthparts. Mainly the gums, teeth, and dental structures. It starts with the building up of plaque containing food particles and some bacteria that cause infections. When plaque stays on the teeth, it turns into tartar which is easily visible on the gumline and removable by a veterinarian during dental cleaning. However, some tartar may hide under the gumline and can be the real issue.

Signs Your Pet May Need Pet Dental and Oral Surgery?

If your pets have the following issues, get them to the vet for dental care and diagnosis and a vet will help determine if they need oral surgery. Here are some symptoms that may indicate pets are in need of oral surgery:

  • Mouth bleeding and swollen gums
  • Loss of weight and appetite
  • Tumors in the mouth
  • A fractured jaw
  • Discolored, diseased, or fractured teeth
  • Unusual drooling and dropping of food
  • The pet becomes uncomfortable with touch around the mouth
  • Loose and discolored teeth

How Dental and Oral Surgery Can Help Your Pet

Pet parents need to keep their animals healthy in every way, including diets, vaccinations, and other essential procedures such as surgery. Pet dental and oral surgery can benefit your pet in the following ways:

Treating Dental Disease

Without proper dental care, any animal, despite its age, is at risk for developing dental disease. A regular pet dental care schedule can help detect such developing issues and dental and treat them through dental and oral surgery.

Prevention of Organ Damage

Some of the bacteria in plaque can find its way into the bloodstream, spreading to the liver, heart, and kidneys. If this happens, it can cause damage to internal organs.

Prevention of Oral Pain

When severe, dental disease causes extreme pain to your pet. Pet dental surgery helps treat illnesses and keeps gums healthy, minimizing the risk of conditions that cause pain.

Prevention of Tooth Loss

As dental disease develops, it can cause your pet’s teeth to loosen and fall out. Dental surgery combats this condition to help your pet retain its teeth for easy chewing.

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As pet parents, it is crucial to provide regular dental checkups for your pets. At Dallas Highway Animal Hospital in Powder Springs, GA, we offer dental care and surgeries to help keep your pet in splendid condition. Visit us or call us today on (770) 419-8086 to make an appointment with our veterinarian.