Pet Dental and Oral Surgery

Have you been prioritizing your pet’s dental care? There can be disastrous consequences when you fail to pay attention to pet dental care; make sure your pet is healthy and happy with a visit to Dallas Highway Animal Hospital; call for your pet’s appointment today.

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Pet Dental Care 

Did you know that pet dental can impact other organs and systems in the body? The same is true for humans; bacteria and decay can lead to infection, which can travel through the bloodstream to other organs. The best way to combat this- and the dreadful repercussions- are with regular dental care from your Powder Springs veterinarian or provider.

Oral Hygiene for Pets 

Dogs over the age of three are more at risk for issues with their teeth; in fact, it is estimated that over 85% of senior dogs have dental problems that warrant veterinary care. Gum disease affects more than oral health, however, studies show that it relates to issues with the heart, kidneys, and liver, too.

Oral Surgery

Even if you ensure that your pet receives routine dental care, certain issues can still arise and they may require oral surgery. Conditions that typically require oral surgery include growths, oral defects, and jaw fractures. Only board-certified veterinary dentists can conduct the procedure, and they will discuss what your options are, what treatment plan they think is best, and pre/post-operative care.

Oral surgery will require a general anesthesia. While this can be a scary prospect for many, our staff will ensure your pet’s safety by determining the best type of anesthesia beforehand, and closely monitoring your pet before, during, and after the surgery. After the operation, your pet may have some mild discomfort. Depending on their condition, we may prescribe anti-inflammatory medication to decrease the swelling. The specifics of your pet’s recovery will be discussed before the operation as they change depending on what is being treated. Most procedures take between one and a half to two hours.

Preventing Periodontal Disease 

Periodontal disease is a very common condition among both humans and animals- and pets are no exception. While it is easily treated, the consequences of delaying treatment can be severe, including pain, tooth loss, weight loss, and infection. Do your pet a favor by scheduling wellness visits to assess their dental health.

Want your pet to be happy and healthy? Prioritize their dental care. 

Make your pet’s dental health and well-being a priority; schedule an appointment with a veterinarian at Dallas Highway Animal Hospital in Powder Springs at 770-419-8086 for a comprehensive evaluation and more information.