Pet Dental Care

Dogs and cats in Powder Springs, GA, have the same dental concerns as humans and are at risk for dental concerns, damage, and tooth loss. Regular dental care from a “vet near me” with us at Dallas Highway Animal Hospital can help prevent and treat pet dental problems in your pet. 


Typical Dental Problems Seen by a Vet

Without regular cleaning, brushing, and checkups, dogs and cats might suffer from gum disease, especially if they eat people food or wet pet food. Old bits of food and material can get stuck between the teeth, which causes irritation and allows buildup of plaque. Once plaque gets established, it can start to hurt the gumline, which can cause receding. Once the gums recede enough, the tooth root gets attacked, cavities and infections occur.

Pet Dental Care Benefits

Signing up a pet for a dental care plan or regular dental care in general can be a great way to protect their health as well as make sure pets don’t end up suffering later in age from tooth loss. When combined with home care by a pet owner, then the pet’s odds of enjoying a long life with all their teeth is higher.

A regular plan or periodic dental care both provides for examination to spot issues early as well as a deep cleaning of a pet’s teeth. Both cats and dogs can benefit from the procedures, with hard-to-remove plaque being eliminated and allowing the pet’s mouth and gumline to heal properly again. There is nothing wrong with regularly brushing a pet’s teeth at home between visits and this may even help to prevent dental issues in the first place.

Getting Started with Dental Pet Care

One first step is to bring in a pet for a pet wellness exam. During the evaluation, a veterinarian at our veterinary hospital will evaluate the overall health of the dog or cat, as well as the dental health of your pet. From there, a vet on at our veterinary hospital can then make in evaluation what is needed for a start in terms of dental treatment. Our animal hospital can help treat both dogs and cats so that you pet can live a healthy and happy life.

Get Pet Care from a Veterinarian at Our Animal Hospital in Powder Springs, GA

Our animal dental care team at Dallas Highway Animal Hospital can provide dental pet care for dogs, cats, and many other pet types as well. Schedule an appointment today at our veterinary hospital for all your pet care needs. Call us at (770) 419-8086 for more information from a “vet near me.”