Pet Eye Infections

Looking for a vet in Powder Springs, GA? Visit the Dallas Highway Animal Hospital to discuss veterinary treatment options. A veterinarian can treat a pet eye infection using various methods depending on the cause, severity, and type of infection. Eye infections in pets are commonly caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi, or parasites. As with many types of pet care, it's important to first pin down the cause of the eye infection. 

eye infection

Eye Care Starts With Diagnosis

A thorough examination of the affected eye(s) is necessary to determine the cause of the infection. n some cases, the vet at a veterinary hospital may collect a sample of discharge or tissue for laboratory analysis to identify the specific pathogen causing the infection.

Cleaning Protects Vision

Your vet may gently clean the eye area to remove any discharge or debris, which can help reduce irritation and promote healing.

Medications Can Fight Microbes

Depending on the diagnosis, the vet may prescribe medications to treat the infection, such as antibiotics or anti-fungal medications. In some cases, additional medications may be prescribed to manage pain, inflammation, or dry eye symptoms.

Monitoring Health is Crucial

The veterinarian will likely schedule follow-up appointments to monitor your pet's progress and ensure the infection is healing properly. This allows them to make any necessary adjustments to the treatment plan. Sometimes, infections reemerge, or new problems take root.

Preventive Measures Go a Long Way

To prevent future eye infections, your veterinarian may recommend steps such as regular eye exams, proper cleaning, and avoiding potential irritants (e.g., smoke, dust). In some cases, vaccinations may help prevent certain types of eye infections, including those caused by canine distemper or feline herpesvirus.

Surgery May Be Needed

In rare cases, if the eye infection is severe or does not respond to the above treatments, surgery may be necessary. This could involve removing a foreign body, repairing a damaged cornea, or addressing an underlying issue, such as an eyelid abnormality. In exceptionally severe cases, the eye may be removed completely.

You should consult with a veterinarian if you suspect that your companion has an eye infection. Prompt treatment can help prevent complications and also protect your pet's vision.

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