Common Misconceptions About Pet Boarding

Common Misconceptions About Pet Boarding

When spending long periods away from their home due to business travel or vacations, many pet owners rely on their veterinarian in Powder Springs for pet boarding. Though it does cost money to board your pet, rather than leaving it with friends or family, there are many benefits to pet boarding services. However, even with the popularity of pet resorts and pet-sitting services, many misconceptions are associated with boarding your pet. 

When searching for “Pet Boarding Near Me,” contact Dallas Highway Animal Hospital to learn more about their boarding services and vet care team. 

Several Misconceptions

Several misconceptions about pet boarding make pet owners hesitant about sending their beloved furbaby to a boarding facility. Below are some of the most common misconceptions about pet boarding and why they are incorrect. 

Pet Boarding Makes Dogs Sick

Some people believe that pet boarding facilities can expose their pets to harmful diseases and bacteria. Any reputable dog boarding facility undergoes a thorough cleaning and has strict standards about the health of the pets they allow. All pets must undergo a complete examination and have all their shots and vaccination. This health information is kept on file and checked before allowing the pet into the facility. 

Additionally, boarding your pet with a veterinarian in Powder Springs ensures that if your pet or any other pet in the facility becomes ill, it will be removed and promptly treated. 

Dogs are Not Properly Cared for

There is a misconception that dogs taken to a pet boarding facility are not adequately cared for. Some believe they are put in a cage and left until their owners return. However, many pet boarding services have large sleeping spaces for your pet, allowing them to get out, roam, and interact with other dogs. At a reputable facility, dogs are well taken care of and loved. 

Please speak with a vet near me to learn more about reputable pet boarding facilities in the area. You might be surprised your vet may offer boarding services designed to keep your pet comfortable and healthy while you are away. 

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