Pet Bathing

If you're searching for a vet near you in Powder Springs, GA, for pet care, we at Dallas Highway Animal Hospital are the right choice. We provide multiple services to ensure that your pet receives the support he needs to get and stay healthy, including pet bathing. Here's a closer look at how pet bathing may benefit your pet:

Pet Bathing

Pet Coating

Regular pet bathing helps your pet maintain a healthy coat, potentially reducing the likelihood of your pet catching germs.

Removes Oils

Pet bathing helps remove excess oils and potential odors, helping keep your pet smelling and looking well.

Improved Skin Health

In addition to helping your pet stay fresh, you're also helping make sure that your pet maintains healthy skin. Potential dirt buildup may cause inflammation, matting, irritation, and lots of rashes and pet bathing can help your pet avoid all of that.


Giving your pet a bath keeps his coat soft and lubricated. This may also be a matter of convenience, as it may help you avoid needing to vacuum loose hair as it shreds and builds up around your home.


Giving your pet a bath regularly also allows you to inspect him. You can examine different parts of his body, like his ears, legs, and teeth to see if there is something wrong. This is also an ideal time to look for intruders like fleas, ticks, and lice on your pet's skin.

For a more comprehensive look at your pet’s health, schedule a pet exam with a veterinarian near you on our veterinary team. We can help detect pet problems early so that you don’t have to worry.

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