Parasite Prevention

Parasite Prevention at Dallas Highway Animal Hospital

At Dallas Highway Animal Hospital, we offer a complete range of veterinary services to help ensure that our pet patients continue to live happy and healthy lives.  We provide veterinary surgery, pet boarding, laboratory testing, pet dermatology services, behavioral and nutritional consultation, and many other state-of-the-art services. One of the services we offer at Dallas Highway Animal Hospital is parasite prevention. Most pet owners believe that their pet lives in a clean and hygienic environment and is unlikely to get infested with parasites. However, you might be surprised how easily parasites can affect your animal, making parasite prevention crucial for maintaining its health and wellness. 

Parasite Prevention

Understanding Our Parasite Prevention

Parasites such as ticks, mites, fleas, worms, and intestinal parasites can not only cause discomfort for pets, but they can also cause serious health conditions to develop. Each type of parasite poses different health risks. Ticks can cause Lyme disease, which is dangerous for certain pets and pet owners. It's important to remember that both internal and external parasites can easily harm your animal. The method of prevention can also be different for internal and external parasites. The most common internal parasites are heartworm, hookworms, tapeworms, and more. The external parasites are lice, mites, fleas, and ticks.

One of the most effective methods for proper parasite prevention for pets is regular health checks up at our veterinary office. At Dallas Highway Animal Hospital, we will check the pet's skin to ensure there are no signs of parasites. If the pet is showing signs of internal parasites, we can perform a laboratory test for the pet. Some treatment methods are available for parasites, but our primary focus is to prevent parasites from ever affecting animals. Apart from keeping the pet's environment clean and having regular health checkups, we can prescribe specific parasite prevention products for your pet. These parasite preventatives are safe and convenient. At your animal's next health exam, we can ensure your pet is adequately protected against any parasites in their environment.

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