Pet Memorials

Saying Goodbye Is Never Easy


The loss of a pet is difficult experience for any owner. No matter how many years they spend by our side, our pets will forever be in our heart. They show us unconditional love on a daily basis, provide companionship whenever we need it, and demonstrate a level of loyalty that rivals any we've experienced. When it's time for our pet to leave this world, how do we say goodbye? More importantly, how do we move on with our lives?

For some pets, usually due to sickness or age, the end will come slowly. This creates a window of time for the owner to make peace with the process and prepare for the loss. Sometimes, however, it poses a situation when the owner must make the difficult decision whether to euthanize or not.

Other pet owners have their beloved pet taken from them unexpectedly. The sudden loss creates a situation of shock and possibly a slightly different set of emotions. Either way, it's important to know the grieving that follows the loss of a pet is not just normal, but it's also a necessary emotion when dealing with death.

At Dallas Highway Animal hospital, we understand what it's like to grieve for a pet. As a staff, we've experienced this process on both a professional and personal basis.

For more information about grieving for a deceased pet, we welcome you to contact us. We will assist you in any way we can.