Pet Grooming

While many people understand the importance of routine wellness visits and dental check-ups, did you also know how important grooming your pet is? Pets often handle their grooming without too much assistance from their owners, but some pets may require professional services to remain clean and healthy. Fortunately, your veterinarian near you at Dallas Highway Animal Hospital in Powder Springs, GA, offers pet grooming services to keep your pet as healthy and happy as possible. Learn more about the importance of pet grooming and what it entails below.

Pet Grooming

The Importance of Pet Grooming

Giving your pet baths, trimming its nails, and brushing its fur might not seem as important as regular check-ups and other routine care. However, grooming your pet can help prevent multiple health issues or injuries from occurring. Keeping pets well-groomed provides the following benefits for their health and happiness:

•             Helps reduce shedding

•             Lowers the risk of matted fur

•             Maintains a healthy coat

•             Less discomfort while walking with shorter nails

•             Lower risk of joint pain that can develop from long nails

•             Fewer ear infections

•             Detect lumps, rashes, or other health issues for early treatment

How Often Should You Groom Your Pets?

How frequently you groom your pet varies based on several factors, including its coat type, how often it sheds, lifestyle, and overall health. Most short-haired pets should get groomed every few months, while long-haired pets require grooming every month. Some general guidelines to follow from our vet near you include the following:

•             Trim nails when they are long enough to touch the floor

•             Bathe your pet as often as recommended

•             Avoid bathing too much to prevent skin problems

•             Brush your pet weekly or daily, depending on its coat type

•             Clean your pet’s ears every month or more often if needed

Our Pet Grooming Services

Although you can bathe or trim your pet’s nails at home, some pets may require more extensive grooming from your veterinarian near you to get completely clean and healthy. Grooming your pet can also be a challenge if it does not like having its nails trimmed or taking a bath. Our veterinary team offers bathing services to keep your pet’s skin, coat, nails, and ears in good condition. These include bathing, nail trimming, and ear cleanings. We can perform these services at our veterinary hospital or guide you on grooming your pet at home.

Visit Our Veterinary Hospital in Powder Springs, GA, to Groom Your Pet Today

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