YUTJURWThey Grow Up So Fast

For the first year of your pet's life, he or she will be categorized as a puppy or kitten. During this period, they will experience rapid growth and many changes. A qualified veterinarian to oversee your pet's health and to provide you with information and advice during this time is necessary. The veterinarians and staff at Dallas Highway Animal Hospital are here to help.

The first year

In the first six to eight weeks of your puppy or kitten's life, he or she should have a first checkup. During the comprehensive exam, owners will receive our puppy or kitten care package, which includes all the information they'll need for their pet's first year, as well as their first dose of heartworm preventive.

At this time, you can expect to be counseled on a variety of subjects. The first of which is general pet wellness and vaccinations.

Vaccination Schedule:

Vaccinations start at six to eight weeks of age and continue with four rounds of boosters every three weeks. Additional boosters are administered once every year.

For Dogs:

Distemper/parvo, bordatella, rabies, and a fecal exam for parasites are recommended.

For Cats:

Distemper, feline leukemia, rabies, de-worming for parasites, and feline leukemia/AIDs testing are recommended.

Microchipping is another subject that will be discussed. At this point, and at any time going forward, your pet is eligible for an identifying microchip implant. It's fast, painless, and the best single method of identifying a lost pet.

You can also expect to be counseled about your pet's nutrition and on the various methods for flea prevention. Both subjects are highly important, as they directly affect your pet's health and happiness.

For more information about your puppy or kitten's first exam, or to schedule an appointment, contact us today.