Pet Diagnostics and Blood Work

Dallas Highway Animal Hospital Offers Pet Diagnostics and Bloodwork

When they’re not feeling well, pets can't give much information about where they’re hurting or what’s wrong. Veterinarians must use intuition, experience, and veterinary technologies to understand animals’ health problems and what's needed to treat them. At Dallas Highway Animal Hospital in Powder Springs, GA, we use state-of-the-art diagnostics equipment to help veterinarians make a fast and accurate diagnosis of your pet’s health problem.

Pet Diagnostics and Blood Work

Diagnostic Equipment That Helps “See” Inside the Body

Veterinarians have relied on x-ray technology for many years to provide images of hard structures inside an animal’s body, such as the skull, bones, joints, and spine. These images can detect fractures, abnormalities, and even tumors that may occur. Ultrasound technology offers another way to “see" what’s going on inside your pet’s body, by using sound waves that bounce off soft tissues. These sound waves produce an echo that is recorded into digital form to create an image, which can then be examined for any abnormality. These technologies are used routinely to diagnose disease and injury right in our veterinarian’s office. In complex cases, our vet may also order an MRI to help find the source of a health problem.

Pet Bloodwork Provides Critical Information for Pet Diagnosis

When your vet takes blood from your pet, it’s to investigate the chemical composition of various fluids, platelets, and enzymes that can indicate problems within the body. Blood tests can tell the vet when an animal has high glucose levels that may indicate diabetes. Tests can indicate problems with the function of the heart, kidneys, or liver, indicate infection somewhere in the body, tell if the animal is anemic or if the blood is not clotting normally, and detect parasites in the body and some types of cancer. The values provided by blood tests can tell veterinarians about general health, as well as specific problems in their patients.

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