Graceful Aging for Your Pet

Just because your pet is getting older doesn't mean the quality of his or her life has to suffer. In fact, with advances in both medicine and pet nutrition, dogs and cats are living longer and more fulfilling lives than ever before. The key to their prolonged vitality is finding the right veterinarian to manage their health care.

What to expect at DHAH

Once they reach the age of seven, most breeds are considered seniors. At this point, we recommend you increase your pet's checkups to twice per year. With an augmented lifespan also comes an increase of certain ailments. Catching these ailments in their initial stages gives us the best chance at dealing with them through medication and change in diet.

In addition to your pet's comprehensive exam, he or she may require additional testing. This includes:

  • Senior wellness blood work is used to diagnose anemia, infections, parasites, and diseases such as leukemia, diabetes, and hyper/hypothyroidism. It also helps to determine your pet's response to certain treatments.
  • Urinalysis helps diagnose urinary tract infections, diabetes, dehydration, and kidney problems.
  • Blood chemistry panel helps determine how your pet's organs are functioning.
  • Parasite evaluation helps diagnose various diseases.

What's So Special About October?

At Dallas Highway Animal Hospital, October is senior pet wellness month. If you have a senior dog or cat, you can expect reminders and incentives for bringing in your pet to see us. Together, we can ensure your aging pet's health and happiness.

To find out more information about the senior pet care at Dallas Highway Animal Hospital, or to make an appointment for your pet, contact us today.