Veterinary Services Customized for Your Pet

Dallas Highway Animal Hospital offers a variety of services, each tailored to your dog or cat's specific needs. We are proactive with your pet's health, placing much emphasis on year-round preventive care.

Pet Wellness and Vaccinations

At DHAH, pet wellness starts with a comprehensive yearly exam. For our older patients, or those with chronic health issues, we suggest an exam at least twice a year. We follow the recommended vaccination schedule, but we do tailor it to your pet's specific needs. As part of your pet's wellness, we also offer spaying and neutering procedures, as well as microchipping.

Cat and Dog Dental Care

Your pet's medical health relies heavily on the quality of his or her dental care. This is why a check of your dog or cat's teeth is part of every exam. Our high-speed equipment allows us to perform cleanings and extractions quickly, minimizing your pet's exposure to anesthesia.

Veterinary Surgery

Our modern and well-equipped pet surgery center looks more like a surgery suite you'd find at a hospital for humans. All pre-surgical blood work is done in house and our recovery area is under constant supervision.

Internal Medicine

As your pet ages, the need increases for a veterinarian who understands internal medicine. As an example, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, and Cushing's disease are three issues not uncommon to aging pets. Symptoms for all three are similar, but their treatments are different. Find out more about the warning signs of these diseases.

X-ray, Ultrasound, and Lab Diagnostics

While we do utilize the services of a high quality reference lab, the ability to perform most X-ray, ultrasound, and lab diagnostics within our hospital helps us to control the overall quality, as well as speed up the process. These two factors allow us to make things easier on our patients—and their owners.

Allergy Testing and Dermatology

Most pet allergies start with fleas, and no matter if your four-legged companion lives indoors or outdoors, he or she is susceptible. While fleas are constantly present, there are times of the year when they attack in full force. Find out more about the hazards of fleas and what can be done about them.

Pet Behavioral Training

There are options when it come to behavioral training. For especially aggressive and incorrigible pets, one such option is the use of medication. Behavioral medications can be used in conjunction with obedience training, and many times they only need to be taken for a few months.

Online Pharmacy

As a convenience for our clients and patients, we are proudly associated with VetSource, an online veterinary pharmacy and home delivery service.

Pet Boarding and Grooming

There may be no better place for pet boarding than an animal hospital. With a veterinarian on call 24 hours a day, we have the perfect facility and the people in place to care for your dog or cat overnight, or for however long you may be away.

For more information about any of our services, or to make an appointment for your dog or cat, contact us today.