Services We Offer

Whether you’re a new pet parent or have owned your pet for years, you know how important routine veterinary care is. At Dallas Highway Animal Hospital, we provide routine care in addition to a variety of other services. Serving Powder Springs, GA, we are here to help your pet with whatever veterinary services it needs. Our full-service facility is fully equipped to handle all kinds of pet medical issues. We also offer a broad spectrum of preventive care services to keep your pet healthy long term. Our dedicated veterinary team wants to help your pet live a happy, healthy life.


Preventive Care

Preventive care plays a key role in raising a healthy pet. Our preventive care services include annual wellness exams, vaccinations, prevention of heartworms and other parasites, diagnostics like X-rays, ultrasounds, and lab work, dermatology services, dental care, and more. Annual wellness exams enable our Powder Springs vet to monitor your pet’s health from babyhood through its senior years.

Dental Care

Through routine dental care, your pet can enjoy good oral health. We offer annual dental exams and cleanings to prevent dental issues like decay, abscesses, and gum infections that can lead to tooth loss.


If your pet requires surgery, there’s no better place than our animal hospital to have its procedure done. We offer routine spay & neuter surgeries, teary eye surgery, mass and foreign body removal, soft tissue surgery, oral surgeries, and more.

Internal Medicine

We help prevent, diagnose, and treat an array of health conditions that include cancer, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, diabetes, Cushing’s disease, and other issues common in dogs and cats. 

Allergy Testing

Like people, dogs and cats are prone to allergies. Allergy symptoms can show up on your pet’s skin in the form of dryness, itchiness, open sores, or skin infections. Flea allergies are quite common in pets. Pets are also prone to food and environmental allergies. Through allergy testing, our team can uncover the allergens irritating your pet, so you can help your pet avoid them to reduce allergy symptoms.

Additional Services

Additional services we provide include behavioral training, pet boarding, and microchipping. If your pet requires medications for preventative care, pain management, treatment of a health issue, or post-op care, you can find just what you need at our online pharmacy.

Schedule Your Pet’s Appointment with Our Powder Springs, GA Veterinarian

Your pet counts on you to help it stay healthy and strong. You can count on our veterinary team for the pet care services your pet needs to enjoy optimal health. At Dallas Highway Animal Hospital in Powder Springs, GA, our wide variety of services allows us to meet each pet’s needs. Call us today to schedule an appointment.